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Pet Tag Awareness

Why should my dog wear an ID tag?

You love your pup, and the thought of them being gone forever is not one you even want to play around with. Believe it or not, only 6% of people found their lost dog at a shelter, which is why it is so important for them to have the proper identification in the form of a pet tag. Your pet tag should include important information such as your cell phone number and possibly your address. So, you might be wondering…why does my dog need a pet tag? A tag will allow for a quick and easy return in the chance that your pet becomes lost. Even if your dog is a backyard-only pup, there is still a chance they could get out, and having the proper information on them could mean the difference between getting your dog back or not.


Will my lost dog come home?

The return to owner rate rests at about 10-30% for dogs and having a tag on your pet significantly increases your chances of a safely returned pet. Sadly only 33% of owners even keep a tag on their pet, and contrary to popular belief it’s important to have one on them even if they are microchipped because some places do not have a microchip scanner. Say your dog goes out on a solo mission and ends up at someone’s home, they may not think to get the dog scanned for a microchip, but having a tag on your furry best friend will allow them to know the dog does indeed have a home, and you will get your pup back in no time!

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