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About Us

 Bill, Stephanie and our Canine Dream

 woman sitting at a table with a lap top staring at man standing next to her. There is also a dog sitting next to them.

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! We're Bill and Stephanie, the hearts and hands behind Wagging and Tagging. Let us give you a glimpse into our world and why we poured our passion into creating this brand. Bill, an army veteran with a heart of gold, and Stephanie, a crafting enthusiast with a background in the medical field, are the dynamic duo who combined their talents to bring you Wagging and Tagging.

Our journey is one that echoes the values of dedication and compassion. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life with our four amazing kids, we found our solace and joy in Turbo, our lovable pup. Turbo wasn't just a pet – he was family, a source of boundless love, and a reminder of the profound connection between humans and dogs.

Wagging and Tagging was born from our deep love for dogs and the incredible dog community. We wanted to create something that celebrated this bond in every way possible. Our creations are more than products; they're a heartfelt tribute to the dogs that light up our lives. When you shop with us, you're not just making a purchase – you're joining a community that understands the wagging tails, slobbery kisses, and unwavering loyalty that dogs bring into our lives.

Our Guarantees:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Every item is made with love and precision.

  • Tailored Treasures: Custom creations that match your dog's unique charm.

  • Support for Shelters: A portion of our sales goes to support animal rescues.

We want to thank you for visiting our store and sharing in our passion for dogs. Together, let's celebrate the joy, the memories, and the unforgettable moments our canine companions bring into our lives. With wagging tails and heartfelt gratitude, Bill, Stephanie, and the Wagging and Tagging Family

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